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The common types of cervical cancer are adenocarcinoma and squamous cell carcinoma. Treatment of cervical cancer entirely depends upon its current stage and the fitness of the patient. In this blog, you will learn about the three stages of cancer and their treatment from cervical cancer specialist singapore.

Three stages of cancer

Cervical cancer can be treated by targeted drug therapy, immunotherapy, surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy. The doctor might even use a combination of these, and the treatment method depends entirely on the stages of cancer. If you haven’t been diagnosed yet, and want to stay safe, you can get a cancer specialist’s advice and get the vaccine for Human Papillomavirus. Regular pap test screening and HPV vaccine will reduce the risk of cervical cancer. If your results confirm that you have cervical cancer, you need the right treatment.

cervical cancer specialist singapore

  • Early cancer– It is only present in the cervix, and the doctor can treat it with a hysterectomy. In this process the cervix, womb, and sometimes parts of the vagina, ovaries, and nearby lymph nodes are removed. Surgery is sufficient for most women, but in rare cases, there might be a need for radiation and chemotherapy as well. It is to reduce the chances of cancer returning anytime soon.
  • Locally advanced cervical cancer– This cancer is bulky and spreads to nearby organs and lymph nodes in the pelvis region. This cancer requires a combination of chemotherapy and radiation for treatment. The specialists use these in combination to effectively treat cancer.
  • Advanced or Recurrent cancer- As the name suggests, advanced cancer is the one that has spread far in the distant organs as well. It can extend up to the liver, lungs, and even the bones of the body. Meanwhile, recurrent cancer is cancer that has returned. For the treatment, the specialist uses targeted drug treatment to control its spread and reduce its symptoms. Drug treatment is becoming common now as it is a better alternative to chemotherapy.

If you suspect you or someone in your family has cervical cancer, consult a cervical specialist cancer Singapore. You should get your diagnosis from a qualified oncologist who has good experience in treating different stages of cancer. At Oncocare, you get specialists who treat all these stages with proper treatment. So, the next time you want a proper discussion and options other than chemotherapy, you should make an appointment with Oncocare.

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