Ophthalmologist Examination In Hong Kong- The Best Eye Care

Hong Kong is a city where every year many people tend to report difficulties with their eyes.

Usually, when one person suffers from certain irregularities in their eyes they tend to ignore it, but that is incorrect. Even a small difficulty can lead to a major problem. Various clinics carry out eye examinations in and around the city but one such clinic is Clarity Eye and Surgery Centre which conducts accurate tests and provides the best treatment. Getting regular examinations at their clinics helps in preventing a person from being affected by severe eye diseases. This also helps in protecting the eyes for years.

Examination for Children 

Children require their eyesight more than adults as they need their eyes for their day-to-day life. They use their eyes to play, read and do many other activities that set a foundation. Hence children must have daily eye examinations.

Clarity Eye and Surgery Centre helps the children by not only looking at minor eye defects or normal tests but also doing severe research on eye diseases like amblyopia, strabismus and so on. Early treatment helps children in the future.

Examination for Adults

Eye diseases don’t get detected at an early age, but if not taken care of or examined at an early stage they can lead to severe conditions. Usually, adults over the age of 40 tend to get diagnosed with diseases like cataracts, glaucoma, etc.

eye examination hk

A comprehensive examination that is conducted by this clinic helps in detecting diseases earlier and the treatments begin sooner.

What does a Comprehensive Examination Include? 

  • General Eye condition checking
  • Eyesight and refraction test
  • Evaluation of binocular coordination
  • Colour census
  • Intraocular pressure measurement
  • In-depth eye checkup
  • An analysis report from the doctor

Process of the examination

  • The entire process takes 1.5-2 hours
  • Eye drops are applied that dilate the pupil
  • ¬†This allows the ophthalmologist to eye examination hk
  • Visual acuity gets slightly blurred
  • After 3 hours everything becomes normal
  • It is advised to wear sunglasses for at least 3 hours after the examination is over.

To conclude, to maintain healthy eyesight and avoid dangerous issues in the future one must get their eyes examined now and then so that they can save themselves from a very bad condition. Of all the clinics in Hong Kong, Clarity Eye and Surgery Centre offers exceptional services with many skilled Ophthalmologist hong kong by providing one with correct examination and effective treatment.

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