What Is The Parkinson's Disease Treatment Cost, Singapore?

What Is The Parkinson’s Disease Treatment Cost, Singapore?

With life being as fickle as it is, anything can happen at any time without a moment’s notice, let it be a sudden accident or even a sudden symptom leading to the discovery of a deadly disease and/or a chronic illness. Such is the case for patients suffering from Parkinson’s disease, making many turn from healthy adults to someone suffering from severe tremors and cognitive disability. And with the treatment seen as something even scarier than the disease for many, it makes one wonder what might be parkinson’s disease treatment cost singapore.

While Singapore is relatively more affordable than many other places in the world, medical treatment for illnesses like Parkinson’s disease is not a simple process that has cheap treatment even here. Since this is a neurological disorder, it can be quite costly to even do one appointment for a checkup with a specialist — making it quite a burden on the patient and their family.

What is Parkinson’s disease?

parkinson's disease treatment cost singapore

In a nutshell, Parkinson’s disease is a neurological disorder that originates from the damage of neurons or nerve cells in the central nervous system starting from the brain to our entire spine and its connecting nerves. This results in symptoms like tremors, lack of sleep, cognitive disconnection, mood swings, depression and many others that can manifest quite differently in each individual.

Many early symptoms like slight tremors in hands, numbing of skin, muscle weakness or even sudden mood swings are quite hard to detect and are often overlooked — making it hard to treat the disorder later once it gets quite worse.

The average cost of treatment

In Singapore, the average cost of treatment for Parkinson’s disease is 15,000 to 27,000 USD depending on what treatment the patient opts for and the number of days required to stay in the hospital for the said treatment. If one opts for deep brain surgery as well then it may increase the costs up even more.

Since it is a chronic disorder which does not have an actual cure, the only thing one can do is take care of the patient and try to improve the dictation a bit by the medications or surgery prescribed by the doctor specialized in this field.


In the end, any disease can leave quite a financial burden on the already suffering patient and their family, making it quite hard to not only cope with the physical deterioration due to the disease or disorder but also the financial crisis that its treatment leaves them in. The best option, in such cases, is to keep an eye on the primary stages of such symptoms and attempt to lead a more healthy and balanced life.

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