Why Are Dental Implants More Ideal Option for Tooth Loss?

Why Are Dental Implants More Ideal Option for Tooth Loss?

According to dental professionals, if you want to enjoy your life, you should do your best to care for your teeth. But the most important point that should be noted is that we all likely lose our teeth for various reasons, even if we keep them healthy and clean by regular brushing and flossing. If you feel uncomfortable with traditional dentures and dental bridges, you can use another beneficial method called dental implants. Luckily, as an experienced dentist at a Scarborough dental implant center describes, these cosmetic dental treatments are created to look and function like your natural teeth; and you don’t have any unpleasing feelings right after their placement. Numerous advantages convince people to commonly request this solution rather than all other restorative methods to eliminate the adverse effects of tooth loss. Please stay with us if you want more reasons to choose dental implant procedures.

Several Worthy Advantages Offered by Dental Implants

As you have heard, dental implants are more successful than all other options in providing a natural physical appearance. Therefore, after healing from implant surgery, you can engage in social interactions, and surely no one can distinguish your newly implanted teeth from all other healthy natural teeth.

Dental implants can potentially provide long-lasting outcomes among the different dental procedures that are performed to solve your dental issues. If you preserve their health with proper oral hygiene, they will last for a lifetime, and there’s no need to replace them from time to time, like dentures or dental bridges.

Another key factor that should be considered before choosing specific treatments is their success rate. Thanks to the modern techniques used in dentistry, those candidates who are in good health and free from severe types of dental infection have a better chance of achieving more successful results from dental implant surgeries.

How Can You Decide If Dental Implant Is the Most Appropriate Option?

Several Worthy Advantages Offered by Dental Implants

Generally, those who need one or more teeth and cannot keep dentures in their mouth are more appropriate cases for implant surgery. But the most important point that should be noted is that heavy smokers won’t achieve desirable results from this process because smoking delays the process of healing after the surgery, so, unfortunately, the risk of dental infection increases.

Various Steps Involved in Dental Implant Surgery

Step1: A thorough evaluation is needed to determine if your jawbone is strong enough to keep implant devices stable. Then a treatment protocol will be accurately designed based on your conditions. For example, those who don’t have healthy enough bones should undergo another surgical procedure before the dental implant process.

Step2: Placing implant devices that are commonly made of titanium requires several steps, including:

-Performing a surgical procedure to attach the implant to your teeth and allow them to heal properly

-After healing, the abutment should be placed on the implanted site

-Finally, the crowns created like your natural teeth should be placed on abutments.

Step4: Several follow-up visits are required to ensure they successfully preserve the ideal look and functionality.

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