8 signs to recognize if you’re a victim of depression or not!

What comes to your mind when you think of depression? Maybe it’s just another mental condition wherein the individual rolls into his/ her shell and gets caught in a difficult mind game! But let’s just clear one thing;depression isn’t like any otherillness. It is real; it is treacherous and is a glooming vulnerability. Plus living in denial and ignorance worsens the situation. And you also need to understand that there’s a thin line dividing stress from depression. Things are much harder than you think and here are 10 ways to detect the signs of depression.

1. Diminishing Interests

One of the initial signs of depression is when you start loosing interest in things happening around. You do not experience pleasure in previously enjoyable activities. There happens to be no curiosity left at all making everything dull and boring.

2. Altered EatingHabits

Another change you witness is the alteration in your food habits. It either leads you to eat more than your usual diet or completely restrain lowering the appetite. There’s an unexpected& unintentional weight gain/ loss being visibly unhealthy. You start accepting alcohol as an anesthesia to self-medicate your pains. Whereas what you don’t realise is that later you may have to deal with two different disorders.

3. Insomnia

Around 80% of the adults suffer from insomnia while in depression which is shoddier than those who can sleep. The constant battle of thoughts actually gets you nowhereand just disturbs your sleeping patterns.

4. LowingEnergy

Nearly each day seems to betiring not because ofany physical activities or due to any medical condition, but, for the reason that negative thoughts start to collectively exhaust your mind. You feel alldrained and it hampers your functioning.

5. Feeling TooDeeply or Nothing At All

There are people who keep holding onto their pains and just get stuck. There also are the ones who prefer to opt out and forget such feelings altogether. You either feel things profoundly (hurting yourself everyday) or just have no thoughts about it (like running away knowing that it will surely hit back).

6. SocializingToo MuchorSolitude

The first kinds of people immerse themselves in socializing activitieswhereas; the second ones become a slave to solitude. The former make it their sole purpose to not confront the call of toxic and mortgaged thinking. While the latter just want to stay alone and remain unknown to the world where they aren’t able to connect. Boththe situations are possiblefor depression patients and can easily break their spirit.

7. Inability to concentrate

Apart from lacking concentrate, you also start toget nervous and anxious. Thethought process instantly slows down, focus keep scattering and the decision making power is impeded.

8. Inescapable Sadness, Feelings of Worthlessness and Suicidal Tendencies

You feel sad for no reason, tear up at silly mistakes, get sucked into the black hole of pessimism and no affirmationmay work. You surround yourself with selfhate &criticism. Not only this, but you also cling to strong beliefs of being inadequate & helpless. There’s an inappropriate guilt with the delusions of being worthless. And in extreme situations, things may get out of control.Maximum patients deal with recurring thoughts of death, amongst who are a few who even commit suicide.So, none of these conditions should be neglected. And professionalmedical help beadopted.

Depression isn’t a choice but through proper evaluation, positivelifestyle, appropriate medical care and by practicing yoga and meditationone can overcome all suchsymptoms.

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